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Strategic Procurement of the SMS group

The strategic procurement forms the clip around all making purchases areas of the SMS group. Our task is a uniform(standardized) supplier and material group management to pursue. To guarantee the claim of our customers after economic products of high quality, we look continually for qualified and efficient suppliers. Among other things the decision to enter a new supplier's connection results from the careful test of the offered product quality, prices and delivery times. Good presuppositions for the co-operation with the SMS group fulfill suppliers who offer a certificated quality system.

Purchasing policy

Continuous quality improvement belongs to our basic understanding. Therefore, together with our suppliers we look for new drafts and trend-setting technologies under the attention of our responsibility for environment and society(company).

Our behavior towards our suppliers is stamped by:

  • Sportsmanship and integrity
  • equal opportunities by supplier's appreciation
  • priority of long-term business relations
  • Secrecy of confidential information
With the supplier's choice and supplier's appreciation the following principles are considered(apply):

  • Positive prices with guaranteed quality
  • faithful to appointment
  • continuous test and improvement of the expenses structure
  • high cooperation and service readiness
  • source of supply fuse